“After 3 long months and no luck in finding a spacious 2 bedroom flat in South London, within budget, I handed my search over to Hannah. She found my dream home in just one afternoon! She advised me all along the way and I’m happy to say I exchanged last week.”

—Max Bigland


“I spend 6 to 8  months of the year working abroad so needless to say I didn’t have the time to look for my London base. Hannah was very helpful and using this service meant that I only had to deal with one person for my entire property search. She listened to my requirements and handled everything remotely. I couldn’t recommend this service enough.”

—Franklin Cooper


“Why hadn’t I thought to use her sooner!? Fab!”

—Sue Lordes


“Using Homesearcher Hannah took almost all of the stress out of moving home. Hannah managed to find our new home in just a few weeks. Perfect location for the children, I’m sure we will be happy here for many years to come. Thank you.”

—Karen Perkins


“Hannah was a delight to work with. Everything was taken care of. From the initial meeting in the comfort of my kitchen, to the detailed reports on suitable properties. It's great to see realistic photos before a viewing. We didn’t have the easiest ask, as we needed disabled access and off-road parking in West London, but Hannah found our home in just 2 months.”

—Jess Rice